Suspended Acoustic Cube

Discover our Suspended Acoustic Cube, an invitation to an exceptional sound experience. Each note resonates with remarkable clarity, as aesthetics seamlessly merge with performance. With generous dimensions of 12'x12'x12', this cube transforms into an immersive sound canvas, perfectly suited for open spaces such as offices, restaurants, and relaxation areas. It efficiently absorbs undesirable sound waves, creating a serene and soothing environment.

Integrating this cube into your design is effortless, aided by a choice of 12 captivating colors that naturally complement your aesthetic. Its simple installation via a robust suspension system gives it an airy presence, while ensuring high-quality sound absorption.

This acoustic cube goes beyond being a mere accessory. It invites you to craft an immersive and aesthetically captivating sound experience in any space. Don't compromise on sonic and aesthetic perfection. Opt for our Acoustic Cube and redefine your relationship with sound. Place your order now to treat yourself to an extraordinary auditory journey.


Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional sound with our Acoustic Cube. Transform any space into a captivating sound experience. Order now and let acoustic perfection resonate.