Manufacturing of acoustic panels in Montreal.

Welcome to DECO ACOUSTIQUE, a specialist in the manufacture of acoustic panels in Montreal and serving Quebec, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Toronto and all major cities in Canada. We offer a range of high-quality acoustic products to help optimize the sound in your environment. Whether you are in a recording studio, a restaurant, a daycare, a call center, a place of worship, a conference room, a workspace, or a living space, we have everything you need for clear sound and optimal acoustics.

Our range includes acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling panels, Bass Traps, suspended acoustic cube, baffles acoustic, decorative acoustic panels, circular acoustic panels, hexagonal acoustic panels and partition acoustic office divider. All designed with superior quality materials for maximum performance. With a variety of colors to choose from to match any decor style, we're confident we have a solution that will meet your needs. You can even customize your sound space with our unique acoustic panel, adding your personal touch with your logo, slogan, or favorite image!

We are proud to offer fast and efficient delivery and exceptional customer service to help you find the products that best suit you. We are here to help you reduce noise and echo in your space and improve speech intelligibility and sound clarity.


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Acoustic Panels

Customize your acoustic panel with your tailored logo, slogan, or favorite image!


Do you have sound issues? Problems related to noise, echo, or reverberation? Don't worry, we have the solution tailored to your situation. Contact us now to speak to one of our experts.