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In Montreal's north shore, Déco-Acoustique excels in the art of acoustic treatment and correction, providing impeccable sound spaces. As renowned specialists, we design and craft superior-quality acoustic panels tailored for unmatched performance.

Our panels offer versatile solutions suitable for various environments, from home recording studios to restaurants, daycares to places of worship, call centers to production and broadcast studios, and much more. We strongly believe in the importance of exceptional sound quality, committing to delivering customized products precisely meeting your specific acoustic needs.

Committed to creating optimal sound spaces, we provide dedicated expertise in designing and manufacturing premium acoustic solutions. Our experienced team works diligently to transform your environment, offering superior acoustic performance for an immersive and uncompromising sound experience.

At Déco-Acoustique, each panel is meticulously crafted, combining aesthetics and functionality to ensure effective noise reduction, proper acoustic absorption, and harmonious aesthetics. We strive to create sound environments where audio quality seamlessly integrates with interior design.

Our mission is to provide outstanding acoustic solutions that transform your sound experience, creating atmospheres conducive to concentration, creativity, and relaxation. Contact us for personalized advice and assessment of your specific acoustic needs. At Déco-Acoustique, we shape exceptional sound to create an exceptional sound world.

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We offer a variety of acoustic panels to absorb echo and reverberation in a room. Our products improve sound comfort and listening quality, increase speech intelligibility and enhance mixing and recording reliability.



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