Do you want to improve the acoustics of your room but are unsure about the quantity of acoustic panels needed?

Our acoustic calculator is here to simplify this for you. Simply input your room dimensions (Length, Width, Height), select your desired reverberation time*, and the thickness of the acoustic panels (1" or 2").

Our tool takes care of the rest by calculating the required square footage of DECOSOFT acoustic panels to be added on the walls and/or ceiling.
Reverberation results from sound wave reflections on hard surfaces. Reverberation time represents the delay, in seconds, for sound energy to decrease by 60 decibels after the sound source stops. This time affects speech intelligibility and understanding in a room.


(*) Desired reverberation time :

  • 0.5 seconds : Recording, mixing and broadcasting studios.
  • 1 second : Speech comprehension and sound clarity. Examples (Classroom, conference room, teleconference, call center, Restaurant, Home studio, home theater, open office etc.)
  • 1.5 seconds : Multipurpose room, Places of worship, small theater and auditorium
  • 2 seconds : large showroom, large theaters and auditoriums, gymnasium, aquatic centers etc.

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