A/ Frequently asked questions about acoustic panels

1How do acoustic panels work ?

In a room, if a sound was generated, it will spread everywhere and waves will be reflected by the walls, the ceiling, and the floor and will consequently create a sound resonance (reverberation).

The idea is to cover the reflective surfaces with absorbent acoustic panels. Thus, a part of each wave that bounces off the acoustic panels will be partially absorbed. The degree of absorption determines the characteristics of these panels and allows them to be compared to others made from different materials.

Our DECOSOFT acoustic panels are made of fiberglass with a density of 6 pounds per cubic foot and are characterized by strong sound absorption compared to conventional foam.

2Are the acoustic panels soundproof ?

Acoustical panels are used to correct acoustic problems in a room (echoes, reverberations, etc.) and do not soundproof.

3How to choose an acoustic panel ?

The choice of an acoustic panel is essentially based on the noise absorption coefficient (NRC). This rate will depend on the frequency of the sound (low, medium or high). Our 1″ DECOSOFT panels have an NRC of 0.80, respectively the 2″ panels have an NRC of 1.

4 How many acoustic panels do you need ?

The number of acoustic panels to install depends on 3 factors: the dimensions of the room to be treated, the usage (home studio, classroom, restaurant, etc.) and the noise absorption coefficient (NRC). To make it easier for you, we have provided an acoustic calculator that allows you to determine the needed area to be covered.

5Where to install the acoustic panels ?

The acoustic panels can be installed on the walls, on the ceiling and/or suspended. If your walls are cluttered, the acoustic panels can be hung or suspended from the ceiling.

B/ Questions about Déco-Acoustique, products and services

1Do you install ?

Yes, we offer professional installation, although our acoustic panels are also easy to install by yourself by following our guide.

2What is the delivery time ?

For panels of standard dimensions, the delivery time depends on the size of the order. Generally, the delivery of products in stock takes between 1 to 5 working days.

3What sizes are available ?

We offer 4 standard sizes: 1’x4’; 2'x2'; 2'x4'; 4’x4’ in two thicknesses 1″ and 2″.

4Do you accept special orders ?

Yes, Déco-Acoustique accepts special orders. For any other dimension, color, or non-standard thickness, just call us (450) 966-0007 or email info@decoacoustique.com